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“Simplify, Automate, and Excel in Privacy Compliance with our All-in-One Formiti101 Management Software. Transform Privacy Challenges into Competitive Advantage.”

formiti101 GDPR Software Platform

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Total Control

“Unleash Total Command over Privacy Operations”


“Elevate Your Focus on Responsibilities”


“Foster Interdepartmental Collaboration for Enhanced Efficiency”

How Formiti101 Helps Meet 

Data Privacy Challenges

Privacy Regulation Awareness

Continuously “Bridge the Awareness Gap: Ensuring Your Employees Stay Updated on Global Evolving Privacy Regulations”

Data Flows

“Escape the Data  Maze: Find Clarity and Efficiency with Our System”

Enhance Communication

Helping “Navigate the Privacy Maze with Clear Communication: Empower Your Team to Thrive”

Empowering Employees

“Elevate Employee Safety and Compliance: Empower Them with Knowledge, Time, and Resources”

Privacy Security

“Stay Ahead of the Data Breach Wave: Empower Your Privacy and Security Professionals”

Privacy Training

“Elevate Privacy Awareness: Transform Trainings into Engaging and Impactful Experiences”

“Join the Trusted Journey with our Satisfied Clients. Count on Us to Guide Your Privacy Transformation.”

Managing Privacy

Empowering privacy professionals with essential tools and support is crucial for effective privacy management.

With the ever-increasing compliance demands, privacy teams face tremendous pressure to ensure organizational compliance. 

We understand these challenges and are here to provide the solutions and support you need to succeed in privacy management.

“We know the global data protection requirements from our experience our privacy consulting business. We have designed Formiti101 to be as simple and intuitive as we would like for our clients”

Robert Healey

CEO Formiti Data International UK Ltd

Formiti101 Privacy management Software

Core Functionality


Build your Record Of Processing Activities (ROPA) as required by privacy regulations.


 Conduct  DPIA's to Identify and Mitigate Risks in high risk Data Processing Activities.

Data Processors

Perform Data Processor due dilligence,  and Comply with Article 28  DPA  requirements

Audits and Assessments

Perform three levels of assessment from baseline to intensive.


Safeguard Data Transfers: Conduct Thorough Data Transfer Impact Assessments

3D Training

3D  training  covering, Data Protection, Information Securit Compliance, Safety

Data Breach

Manage Data Breaches from reporting, investigation and Authority reporting


Store all of your Data Processor and Controller to Controller Contracts for fast reference 

Works Council

Store your Works Council agreements and meeting minutes and decisions


Store all of your data Privacy and Data Protection Policies.


Carry out your Data Protection Ofiicer  Assessment.


Manage all Data Subject Access Requests and records

SA Communications

Manage all data Supervorisory Authority Communications

Data Retention

Store and manage your Data Retention Schedule for storage limitation

Audit Records

Store and manage all your Privacy Audit Results and reports


Record and manage your Technical and Organisation measures.

Formiti Training Market Place

Don’t send your employees off to another training vendor. Enrol and track their Formiti Training Courses without leaving the Formiti101 Platform

Formiti101 Market Place

Formiti101 has developed an innovative solution by integrating a training marketplace within its data privacy management platform. Currently, the platform offers 32 comprehensive courses covering a range of subjects, including Data Protection, Information Security, Workplace Compliance, and Health and Safety. This integration ensures that organisations have easy access to the specific training they need, enabling them to pay only for the courses selected to effectively enhance their data privacy practices. Full employee progress and result reporting. Discounts for bulk enrolment.

Courses available for 

  • Data Protection
  • Information Security
  • Compliance
  • Workplace safety

Surpercharge Your Privacy Compliance with Formiti101

Avoid Liability and Risks of Fines

All Modules For Data Privacy Compliance

Formiti101 Reduces Compliance Costs

No Expertise Needed

Full Built In Employee Collaboration

Developed By Data Privacy Experts

Transparency For Your Organisation

Speed Up Your Compliance Journey

Always Up To Date Privacy Info Center

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Unlimited Support by our Privacy Experts who deliver Global Privacy Programs for startups through to PLC sized companies

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