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Enabling privacy professionals with indispensable tools and assistance is paramount for the successful implementation of privacy management.

Given the constantly escalating requirements for compliance, privacy teams encounter immense strain in guaranteeing organizational adherence.

“We possess extensive knowledge of global data protection requirements through our years of experience in the privacy consulting industry. With this expertise, we have developed Formiti101 to be as user-friendly and instinctive as we would expect for our own clients.”


GDPR Collaboration

Formiti Mission

Empowering organizations globally with intuitive, simplified yet comprehensive privacy management software solution, enabling them to navigate the complex landscape of data protection with confidence and ease.

We streamline compliance, mitigate risks, and build trust in an increasingly data-driven world. Our mission is to be the trusted partner for businesses,


Formiti Vision

To revolutionize the way organizations manage data privacy worldwide.

To bring affordable  privacy management software to all SME’s to suit all budgets

We strive to be the leading provider of innovative software solutions that empower businesses to protect sensitive information proactively, instil trust in customers, and create a culture of privacy excellence.

Simplify Your Path to Achieving Your Data Privacy Compliance Objectives.

Combining technology and processes to guarantee optimal global data privacy compliance can present difficulties for any multinational company.

If your organization is facing challenges in managing personal data’s governance, visibility, and security on a global level, Formiti is here to assist you.

We provide international data privacy consulting services that ensure you attain the highest level of compliance with global privacy regulations in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Our Global Privacy Consulting Services

Global Outsourced DPO Service

Formiti Global data Protection Service covers all jurisdictions providing your organisation with compliance assurity.

Formiti Privacy Audit Service

We provide an extensive internal privacy assessment to provide a full gap analysis of your compliance status.

GDPR Representative Service

We provide a fixed price  service for both EU and UK GDPR with unlimited support

GDPR Compliance Training

Our Formiti101 Privacy management Platform provides a full marketplace of training courses.

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